Oatmeal Bread

Delicious and Different!

I enjoy making bread, and it´s always good to come across new recipes.  When I saw JamieAnne´s recipe for Oatmeal Bread over on her blog, A Dash of Domestic, I had to give it a go.

I followed her recipe almost exactly apart from the following little changes

  • I used one tablespoon of olive oil instead of butter
  • My oats needed cooking (albeit only for a few minutes) so I put all the water allowance (for the oats and the yeast) in with the oats and cooked them up for about 3 minutes before proceeding with the recipe
  • I used a sachet of easy blend yeast

Finally, I made the dough in the morning.  It was lovely to work with and became very smooth and silky quite quickly.  It was a hot day so I dusted it with flour, slashed the top then covered it with a tea towel and left it in a sheltered but shady spot in the garden for two hours then baked.

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It even looked beautiful as it was rising!  We enjoyed the slightly sweet taste which comes from the molasses and thought it worked well with salty cheese and also with paté and the last of my home made fig jam from last year.

Thanks JamieAnne, will be making this one again!


20 thoughts on “Oatmeal Bread

    1. Can highly recommend it – and it really is something a little bit different and special. If I´d had a terracotta flower pot, i´d have made it in that…it looks ever so good when you bake bread in one!

  1. Hi Chica. Oooooh is this the one you were telling me about. Will give it a go. JaimeAnne has started something here!
    Florence x

    1. Oh yes, oatmel bread is now officially all the rage! I used Miel de Caña which is easy to buy here. It doesn´t need too much kneading and only one rise, so a good one to do by hand. Go on….give it a go!

  2. This sounds and looks wonderful and I like the idea of using olive oil instead of butter as that’s what I usually use in bread. I think I’m going to have to try it very soon…..

    1. Can highly recommend it, and I use olive oil all the time in my bread too. Initially it was because butter is not commonly used in anything much here, and now it´s because I prefer it!

  3. Jamie’s recipe looks like a keeper. I cant wait to give it a try soon. I found you from the foodie blog roll and I’d love to guide Foodista readers to your site. I hope you could add this oatmeal bread widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about oatmeal bread,Thanks!

    1. How exciting that you found me via the Foodie Blog Roll – I think you´re my first! Will do my best to add the widget at the end of the post and thank you. The bread recipe is indeed a keeper…

    1. We´re making the last few spoonfuls of fig jam last…our fig tree doesn´t mature until September, so we´ve got a little wait yet for the next batch of jam. Makes you appreciate it more though! This bread was really easy to do and just that little bit different, can highly recommend it.

  4. If it ever gets cool enough to bake again, I’m going to try this! Keep the slide shows coming, please! I love seeing the process as well as the end product. If you can get flax seed where you are you might enjoy this honey flax seed bread as well…

    1. It´s hot here too – luckily I was a bit of an early bird this morning and got some more bread baked then headed outside where it was cooler than the kitchen! Am not sure if I can get flax, but we have an English Shop half an hour away and they try to get hold of things for you….am off now to look at the recipe! Thanks for sending the link.

    1. I´m not the greatest photographer and I only have a little basic digital camera, but it was fun to photograph the bread rising. I bet it would turn out great on a fire….let me know!

  5. What a beautiful loaf. I love making bread too, I made and wonderful loaf a while back, haven’t had the time to post, but it has dried cherries, died appricots and a few other wonderful little ingredients and it makes the best toast you have ever eaten, I will be posting it in the next few days, but in the meantime I know what the next loaf of bread will be, one of my favorites, oatmeal….RaeDi

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