Flamenco, Friends…and a Bucket of Beer

Port of Malaga - Old Port Authority Building

Although we love our life Up the Mountain, sometimes it´s good to get out.  Last night a new friend organised tickets for a group of us to go the theatre in Malaga to see a show at the Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco.  As you´d expect from the name of the venue, it was an evening of dance – Flamenco fused at times with ballet.  Very lovely, and certainly nothing like some of the dreadful “shows” some venues put on to keep the tourists happy. I´m sorry I can´t show you any photos as some of the costumes were spectacular.

Málaga Cathedral known as "La Manquita" or One Armed Woman because of the unfinished tower on the left

After the show we were not quite ready to go home, you may recall that the Spaniards believe the night is for fun and partying, so we headed over to a the development, recently opened at Málaga port, where many of the large cruise ships stop.

It reminded me a little of Sydney Harbour with lots of shops, bars and restaurants and I hope that as the warmer weather comes and more people learn about it, it will be a huge success.

Would you care for a beer?

We went to a Cervecería, a beer “tavern” where they serve buckets of beer…

3€ for a bucket of beer - can´t be bad!

And tapas…

And then a final stroll back to the car, giving us the opportunity to enjoy views of the Cathedral and the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro – a Moorish fortification overlooking the city.

The lights of the Alcazaba (l) and Gibralfaro (r) behind my personal collection of yachts

Wearily we made our way home, only to find out this morning that an earth tremor had been felt at 4am in the next village.  Clearly the beers had done their work and we had slept through the whole thing!


71 thoughts on “Flamenco, Friends…and a Bucket of Beer

  1. It is easy to forget how beautiful some of the old building in Malaga are. It does look spectacular at night. Thanks for sharing. Especially the photo of your own personal yacht collection! lol!
    Regards Florence x

    1. Malaga is stunning and it looked amazing from the port, which is a view I hadn´t seen at night before. And as to my yachts…well, if you´ve got it, sometimes you just have to flaunt it 😉

  2. Malaga looks like a nice place in which to spend some time, I sure wish I had known you when I visited Spain, not that I didn’t enjoy it both times I was there. When in Barcelona, I saw a folk performance of Carmen. The ticket agent spoke very little English and did not want to sell us tickets. He kept saying, “No opera” and “No turistas”. We persisted and were probably the only turistas in the audience but we saw a flamenco-based version of Carmen that included a horse! It was amazing! Next time I’m in your neck of the woods, you can expect a visit!

    1. Wow – that sounds like fun! Nothing like a horse on stage to liven up an evening 😉 And I am looking forward to being your personal tour guide when you come to Andalucía…

  3. Ir reminds me a bit of auckland too, we have bars right on the waterfront there too and it is a wonderful place to hang out, TAPAS!! and flamenco sounds like a fantastic night.. thank you for letting us tag along tanya!! c

    1. It was indeed fun – we didn´t feel a thing as we are a few km away, but lots of people got woken up in the wee small hours. No damage though, which is a relief as some of the village houses are pretty old.

  4. Ah…I remember nights like that in Spain. The evening doesn’t really start until 10pm and goes on till the last man stands…from tiredness rather than overindulgence in beer as would be the case in England! Nibbles to enjoy. Good company. Conversation. A lovely, lovely evening.

    1. You´re so right – I was commenting on the fact that if there was a bar in the UK that served 5 bottles of beer for 3 euro, it would be full of drunk people behaving very stupidly. Sorry, that sounds really negative, but we left at 1am, there were young people, older people and a couple of families with children playing and no silly behaviour.

      1. That’s very cheap, especially in a modern bar.
        I completely agree with you with regard to behaviour – I blame peoples’ drunkenness in Britain on the licensing laws (even though they are more relaxed now, people try to fit as many drinks in as possible by 11pm).
        Great post BTW 😉

      2. It was exceptionally cheap with white wine at 4 euros a bottle (a good one) and rioja at 5. I think lots of factors contribute to the different attitudes to alcohol here (apart from groups of young people drinking in the street) I´ve rarely seen Spaniards drunk. Families are welcome in all bars, there are lots of low or no alcohol beers and drinks, and it´s not normal to just go our drinking – there is invariably a tapa or a meal involved.

  5. It sounds like a great night out , I love seeing live dance, and the bucket of beer, oh my that is cheap (I think I’ve spent too long in the French Alps!). and one last thing, I speak practically no Spanish, but I can order a beer 🙂

    1. It is really cheap (they were only 20cl bottles though). Andalucía is generally much cheaper than the rest of Spain but we were expecting a “trendy” bar like this in a prestigious location to charge a whole lot more! I´ll have a shock next week in the UK – they were selling bottles of a good white wine for 4euro 🙂

    1. Yes, it was an area I had never been to before and it´s a brand new development they opened a month ago so it was fun to explore. Will go back soon during the day and “explore” the shops!

  6. My friend Norma’s parents own a house in Malaga! They vacation there every year. We’re visiting Spain for the first time this fall, Barcelona, and I am very excited. 1.5€ for beer is pretty darn cheap…they are usually $7.00-10.00 Canadian dollars!

    1. You´ll have a wonderful time in Barcelona and a perfect time to visit – city, beach, museums and fantastic food all in one place! It´s a little pricier than Andalucia but still not an expensive place. You should check out my blogging pal Mad Dog´s blog – he has lots of tips about where to eat in Barcelona http://maddogtvdinners.wordpress.com/

  7. So lovely to see those photos – one of my colleagues comes from Malaga – she often tells me how much she misses the place!

  8. Amazing friendship, mouthwatering foods, an ice cold beer while admiring the view of the harbor…what can be more beautiful and perfect? Wonderful pictures that brings joy to mind. Have a great weekend…

  9. What a wonderful night out for you and Big Man! It sounds like it went beautifully and the beer and tapas looks incredible! Love the photos! A night to remember and one I would love to do!

  10. Oh, how I long to have a frosty bucket of icy beer with all of that tapas to snack on! I finally looked up Malaga on a map (I didn’t have a very good geography teacher in school;) and now I “get” where you were. What an incredible place to visit! Some day I may get there!

    1. If you back to your map and draw a line from Malaga to Granada, we-re just on the frontier of Granada border, about 60 km north east of Malaga in the mountains!

    1. We are indeed enjoying life….glad you like the yachts! We are in the UK from Thurs for a week to catch up with family and friends (and food!). Am very excited 🙂

  11. Sounds like you all had a great night out – amazing how much we appreciate culture when we’ve been starved of it for a while (I know I do!) I saw a wonderful flamenco-ballet show in the Bienal here a couple of years ago – probably the last time I saw any dance show!! Exciting to hear about the new port development in Malaga, you’re the first person I know (virtually or otherwise) who has been there – if it’s like Sydney Harbour, must be good! Especially with the crisis beer prices!!

    1. I do miss the theatre and always try to go when I´m back in London. It was a really good show and I was very pleasantly surprised by the port. There are still lots of unsold units, but those that are open really seem to be making a good effort.

  12. There have been so many minor earthquakes around this area lately. Ack. Coming from California, you’d think I’d be more prepared. But, no.

    What a lovely night out on the town!! Mmmmm, buckets of beer following a great flamenco show sound like just the thing, and the tapas look appetizing, para picar!

    1. Yes, we´ve been lucky and never felt one but in this village they seem to have had a few little ones recently. A bit worrying 😦 It was such a great night out, and it was nice to see the new port development.

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