Herb salad with Figs and Peaches

Summer time means sweet juicy fruit. And fruit isn´t just for jams or desserts you know. Oh no, mixed with peppery salad leaves and a citrusy sweet dressing it´s a perfect summer starter.

We have two seasons of figs here in Andalucía, early summer Brevas (usually the dark, black-skinned figs) and late summer Higos (the green variety). How lucky are we?!

Big Man came home yesterday with four juicy figs that had somehow fallen into his pocket off someone´s tree. At least, that´s what he told me and who am I not to believe him?!

Not enough for dessert, but just enough for a little salad.

Not so much a recipe as an inspiration to make a version yourself. I mixed some chopped lettuce with basil and rocket then over the top I put the four stolen precious figs, one peeled chopped peach and about 2 tablespoons of chopped semi cured goat´s cheese.

Psychedelic Salad

To make the dressing I mixed 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Salt and pepper were added then it was all shaken up then poured over.

Ah, “stolen” fruit always seems to taste that much sweeter!


67 thoughts on “Herb salad with Figs and Peaches

  1. Oh, FIGS….don’t we wish they grew well here.
    $2 each at the store right now, but that won’t stop me if they’re ripe! No luck, so far, but a salad like this is the perfect use when they do look ready!

    1. Ours won´t be ripe until September, but I do remember paying “through the nose” (English expression, it´s a bit weird but it means very expensive!) for them in London. Sometimes you just have to do it!

  2. Will somebody please show me a more beautiful and succulent salad than this!! Wow, how lucky are you, all around, but to have a man too whose pockets magically fill with fruit! That goes beyond lucky!

    1. I used to find that the figs I bought in the UK which had been imported were always picked too soon (understandably as if they picked them at the moment of perfect ripeness they´d be jam by the time they reached their destination) and just didn´t taste of anything 😦

  3. Oh I am sooooo hoping that the figs will be ripe at our casa when we are there in a week or two!!! (Well… the fig tree is truly in the neighbor’s garden next door, but since their house is abandoned, AND the limbs are stretching to our patio, it would be a shame to let just the birds have them, right??)

    1. Fingers crossed – ours don´t ripen until September, so hopefully you won´t have to wait that long! And yes, I think the owners (whoever they may be) would thank you for picking them as it´s better for the tree. And you can make wonderful fig jam (I think I might have posted a recipe last year…will have to check)….so good with tangy cheese 🙂

  4. What a great combo, Tanya. Figs & peaches, together again! I bought some of both, over the weekend, and have been enjoying them as-is. I’ll try salads and the like once I’ve munched on a few more. There’s nothing quite like the first fruit of the season, whether it’s peaches, apples, figs, pears, you name it.

    1. I have to say John, I agree. If they´re fresh and sweet the best way to eat them is “as-is”. On this occasion, as I felt it only right to share the “plunder” I had to devise a way to make it go further 😉

  5. Well, figs may be the centre of attention, but just looking at those succulent peaches from the middle of our winter here, just makes my mouth drool with anticipation.

  6. I ❤ figs.. I really wish our seasons timing of fruit coincided so I could just pop out and pick some of those figs and make this salad. Who am I kidding.. no one pops out and picks anything up here.. maybe "picks up" from a store:D

  7. That looks yummy. We have been craving salads in our family and I may have to try this one. And I believe Big Man. I grew up in Southern California and someone how oranges and lemons would magically appear in my hand on my way to school.

  8. Hahaha, love it… one might say that the figs were “poached”, eh, eh? 😀
    What a fantastically colourful salad – I never tried figs and peaches together as part of a savoury dish before – what a beautiful idea… something to try for sure!

  9. Damned RIGHT stolen fruit is sweet…nothing like a bit of scrumping to make that fruit taste like heady heavenly nectar…it adds the danger element ;). I recently scrumped 4 fig trees. They were growing from branches under a neglected fig tree that had been weighted to the ground by long grass and had actually taken root. Never one to let a chance go by…I appropriated them and they are overwintering in the glasshouse before being planted out along with my 2 year old figlet taken from a cutting from a tree in the city that no longer exists. I LOVE figs…I envy you your figs and remember as a child gorging myself senseless (no hard) on a neighbours fig tree that they didn’t utilise (also pilfered…methinketh a pattern is emerging here…). Who needs other food when the fig harvest is in! By the way folks…after several bucket loads of figs I never once had any sort of unfortunate “toilet” episodes so feel free to eat with impunity! (Although limit your fig pilfering to obviously underutilised fig trees or you may live to regret it! 😉 )

    1. How wonderful that you managed to “save” a fig tree by planting a cutting. I´ve never had problems after eating lots of figs either 🙂 Fortunately where we live there are plenty to go round!

  10. Yum…your salad looks great. I just bought black figs that looked so good but were dry. I ended up mashing them and making a sauce. Lucky you that figs just fell into Big Man’s pocket.

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