Creamy Goat´s Cheese Paté

Our friendly local goatherd bought round some milk for us the other day, so I turned it into yogurt and then cream cheese.  So very tasty!

I made plenty, so to change things up a little I made a little “paté” which was delicious served with fresh crusty bread and then the next day on griddled bread (like little crostini) and with bread sticks.


  • 200g cream cheese
  • 1 small clove of crushed garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped capers
  • About 6 sun dried tomatoes, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Beat all the ingredients together and chill until ready to serve. Simple, easy, delicious.


54 thoughts on “Creamy Goat´s Cheese Paté

  1. What a beautiful photo of the goats’ cheese in the sun! And the paté sounds delicious – the flavours of capers, garlic and sun dried tomatoes go so well with the cheese. I’ll have to try this with our local goats’ cheese.

  2. Between you and Sawsan, with your goat’s milk, and, Celi, with her cow’s milk, I should just quit my cheese making and put my “dairy money” towards plane tickets so I can visit you all. I must warn you, though. If you’re going to be serving tasty treats like this, I just might extend my visit.

    1. We could start a cheese co-operative…but you make more exciting cheeses than me, so you´d have to be The Big Cheese! I am still trying to get to grips with the industrial measures on my tub of rennet 😦

  3. I make something like this from time to time but not thought to make it with goats cream cheese. What a lovely idea, though I’ll have to look around to find the milk or yog to start with.

  4. I’m having trouble getting past the “friendly local goatherd brought us some milk…” Really? I’m pea-green with envy! You have no idea how much we adore goat milk around here…and it’s SO hard to get!
    Marvelous flavors in your spread.

    1. Yes, we´re very lucky. Most of the goatherds sell most of their milk to a co-operative that makes hard cheese, but they usually try to keep some back for family and friends every so often….and we sometimes get the beneft!

  5. Hi Chica – this looks fantastic… how lucky you are to have access to milk like that. I’m so jealous. I bet this makes a fantastic snack… looks so creamy!

  6. I *had* a source for (shhhhhhh) raw goat milk a few years ago, but she gave it up, just couldn’t afford to keep ’em. Sad. So I’m jealous and this looks fine! You know, I think capers are underappreciated. I love ’em, so thanks for the idea! Mmmm…

  7. I’m hard-pressed to imagine anything I’d rather eat right now than crusty bread schmeered with this spread! Really wonderful Tanya! (and OH! to have a friendly goatherd nearby! …sigh…)

  8. Mmm this sounds yummy! (I love capers!) I’ve made yogurt, but never thought to make it into cream cheese.
    And you are so lucky to have a “friendly goatherd” to share such goodies! There is a goatherd who walks his little herd across the field near The Casa each morning and evening. I love seeing that!

    1. You´ll have to make pals with him and find out what he does with his milk. And if you make yogurt, just take it that step further and drain it for longer…voilá, cream cheese!

  9. What a clever little Chica Andaluza you are! It must feel very satisfying making your own cheese. So far my experience with cheese has been seriously underwhelming. I made some from some kefir once and never ate it (enough said about that…) and aside from the odd batch of adventitious “cheese” that makes itself out of the milk in the fridge, cheese making has been something that I only dream about but have never taken the plunge. There is a big dairy around here somewhere in the near vicinity (I know there is because the milk trucks have almost run us over a few times when we are walking the dogs) and I am now inspired to hunt it down and see if I cant get a few pints of buttery gold to see what I can do with a bit of rennet and Brunhilda’s (our enormous wood stove) gentle persuasion… Cheers for a great idea and a stunning recipe. No goats here yet but I am threatening the dogs with goat purchase. They already spend their days barking at the feral cats and chooks can you imagine the torture of goats free ranging?!!! 😉

  10. Wow, wow, wow…one of my favorite things/flavor combos, and one of my biggest weaknesses! How lucky to have the fresh goat milk, and what delicious looking cheese pate…I’d eat the whole bowl!

  11. You should team up with The Husband. He’s muttering about adding cheese to the repertoire. Who am I to argue?

    1. Oh do tell him to go for it. If he checks out From the Bartolini Kitchen and The Kitchen´s Garden blogs – they are both cheesemakers. Has he got a subscribe button yet on his blog? Couldn´t see one the other day.

      1. I shall let him know about the cheesemakers, thank you.
        He’s not had a minute to post this week but last night he had me photographing butter making and tonight we are doing his basic white loaf.
        I’m guaranteed a delicious breakfast tomorrow and he will definitely be posting over the weekend. I will kick his butt for a subscribe button! 😉

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