Speedy Suppers – Smokey Pork with Pimentón and Peppers

I do love alliteration don´t you?! Even more I enjoy a speedy supper dish which tastes amazing and looks pretty too.

Smoky pork & peppers (1)

If you don´t eat pork, this would be delicious too with chicken. It just wouldn´t be so alliterative.

Ingredients (to serve 2)

  • 1 pork fillet cut into small strips (or use a small piece of pork loin)
  • 1 pepper, sliced (I used an orange one)
  • 1 medium onion, halved and sliced quite thickly
  • About 6 chestnut mushrooms, sliced
  • 2 crushed cloves of garlic
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of smoked pimentón
  • A small glass of white wine
  • 2 tablespoons of crème fraiche (or use full fat yogurt)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Olive oil

Start by browning the little strips of meat in a tablespoon or so of olive oil. When they are browned, remove from the pan and set aside. Now add the onions, garlic,  peppers and mushrooms into the same pan and cook gently until softened then turn up the heat slightly to give some colour to the onions.

Add the meat back into the pan and sprinkle over the pimentón and season.  Fry gently for a minute then add the wine. Turn the heat down and continue to cook for a further 2-3 minutes then turn the heat up for a minute or so just to reduce a little of the liquid.

Check to taste the seasoning, turn off the heat and stir in the crème fraiche. Delicious served with plain boiled rice and some green vegetables.


54 thoughts on “Speedy Suppers – Smokey Pork with Pimentón and Peppers

  1. Love speedy dishes! Very used to alliteration ! Actually the ‘more we change the more we stay the same’ . . . Absolutely love your recipe and cook similar to this recipe more often than not . . .and then one wretchedly wants to add stuff like oyster sauce, fish sauce, kecap manis, all the soy sauces etc et al I guess it is a matter of geography and sociology and history: methinks most exciting!

  2. I too love alliteration, as well as new pork recipes. I bought some Spanish pimenton when we were in Spain almost 2 years ago (WAH!!! I want to go back!) so I’m going to copy this recipe and use my pimenton from Spain with it. Yummy! and I just got a new rice cooker (for some reason I can’t do stove top rice….yea, don’t ask!) so perfect!

    1. Get that pimentón out and start using it 🙂 I love the stuff and use it a lot. And as for rice, my foolproof method is double the volume of water to rice plus a pinch of salt, Cover with a lid, bring to the boil, remove the lid and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Cover again, turn of the heat and leave for 15 minutes…perfect rice!

  3. Although the pork is off the menu, the rest of this dish (apart from the cream fraiche that can be veganised as well…) is spot on. Tried to find an alliteration for my veganised version but ended up coming up with another dish entirely! “Creamy courgettes with capsicum and cremini”…so its not the same BUT it IS veganised! ;). Good vegetables are almost as good as good meat in European cookery which makes Italian, Greek, French and Spanish recipes reasonably easy to veganise…they have a long history of peasant cookery and if you look below the meaty surface, the frugality of living in the Middle Ages alone would yield a lot of thrifty recipes with meat as just a “waft”. Now Germany might be a bit tougher! 😉

    1. Loving the creamy courgettes with capsicum and cremini! I love a lot about Mediterranean “poor food” which is all about eking (spelling?) out ingredients, especially vegetables to make filling, tasty meals.

      1. You have seen my comments…you certainly don’t have to worry about your spelling with someone who has spellchecker on speed dial whenever she writes a post, comments or indeed uses any form of social media ;).

      1. I was just thinking “pork loin” for this…nice and lean…I don’t ‘do’ fatty pork. But I’d surely scoff such a sumptuous supper in seconds.
        Sorry! 😉

      2. Yes, pork chops with a good rind of fat are not for everyone! This works so well with a lean cut and you can cut the meat as thin or thick as you like it 🙂

    1. DON’T put up another amusing alliterative account, I am too busy reading Jerusalem! I will get to this pork recipe in the fullness of time. Ask Ria about the pork belly at Roast! L x x

  4. Drat! I’ve fallen behind in my blog reading and now it’s having an impact. I cooked a small pork loin for last night’s dinner and could easily have tried this recipe. You’ve never led me wrong in the past, Tanya, and I’ve a feeling I missed out on something special last night. Well, at this point all I can do is pin it so I know where it is the next time I cook a pork loin. And please don’t share any more tasty recipes until I’ve caught up. Thank you.

    1. Damn – hate it when that happens! Don´t worry, I´m suffering from a horrible cold and am up to my (blocked up) ears in work, so am way behind on my writing and posting…plenty of time for you to catch up on all your reading!

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