Olive Oil Pastry – So simple, even I couldn’t mess it up….

I love pastry but am mostly too lazy to make it. Except at Christmas, when I make Clara’s Shortcrust Pastry. And sometimes I use it to make quiche.

Perhaps I don’t make it that often because

  1. In Spain, getting hold of butter and keeping it fresh before it reaches my fridge is a saga in itself
  2. In England, I’m either too busy ripping out nasty bathrooms or it’s easier to pop to the supermarket and buy it ready made (oops, did I just admit that in public?!)

Enough of this nonsensical pastry avoidance, Chica. Pull yourself together and make it with olive oil! So of course, I did. And you know what? It’s so easy, and so tasty, and so silky and forgiving should you break it (what, me?!) that I suspect we’ll be eating a lot more of it in the next few months. And also, with only 2 tablespoons of oil in a 4 person serving, it really can’t be bad for you, can it?

Veggie Garden Pie with Olive Oil Pastry

Ingredients to line a 24cm (9.2 inch) flan tin with enough left over to make a few cheese and marmite nibbles (my grandmother always used to make these as a treat with the leftover scraps of pastry), this is what you need:

  • 150g plain flour
  • 2 tbs olive oil (30ml)
  • Up to 4 tbs iced water (60ml)
  • ½ teaspoon of salt

I made mine in my food processor, but if making by hand, follow the same steps, it will only take you a couple of minutes longer.

Blend the flour and salt together then add the olive oil and blitz (or rub with your fingers) for a few seconds. Slowly add the water with the motor running but stop as soon as the mixture clumps together.

Press the mixture into a ball and chill (optional) for half an hour wrapped in cling film.

Cheese & Marmite Nibbles

You can roll this pastry out really thinly if you like, it behaves well. Use it to make your favourite quiches and pies. I made a vegetable pie with a filling of sautéed peppers, onions, tomatoes and blanched runner beans which sat on top of a mix of 2 tablespoons of cream cheese with one beaten egg, and topped wth sliced tomato.

And because pastry is rather dull to look at (never start a sentence with the word “and” Chica), I thought I’d show you a lovely photo from New Zealand, taken way too many years ago!



68 thoughts on “Olive Oil Pastry – So simple, even I couldn’t mess it up….

  1. Lol, it wasn’t dull to look at, but I do appreciate travel photos so I’ll take it. I wonder if I could mess this up. I still struggle boiling an egg. Found out if you drop them into boiling water, they crack right away. Bet you knew that 🙂

    1. They only really crack if they’re cold from the fridge 🙂 And I bet you couldn’t mess this one up. Travel photos are always good to revisit I think!

  2. I actually quite enjoy making pastry, but then we knew I was a weeny bit strange. Also the keeping butter cold issue isn’t really a problem in my neck of the woods, save for a window of about 38.5 hours once a year when summer arrives.
    I’ve never made pastry with olive oil but I’m intrigued. I see a quiche in my future….

    1. Nothing strange about enjoying making pastry – I think I stopped making it here because of the butter “issue”! Do try this though, it’s such a lovely textured pastry.

  3. Now there ‘s an idea – as a matter of interest how do the locals manage not to get melted pastry all over their fingers/hands/bowl/working surface ?

  4. Maybe you need to buy a cow from Asturias, though olive oil pastry is so good that Daisy could be out of a job… 😉
    Fabulous tart!

  5. I liked the look of it when I just thought it was caramelised onions, then when I realised there were peppers etc. in there I was very impressed x x

  6. Never dull – that tart looks delicious. And yes, olive oil pastry is so simple, even I can make it! I never use butter for pastry. I always use it for cakes too – never buy butter! It works every time!

      1. I don’t make cakes very often, but occasionally a ground almond sponge that I soak with syrup after baking. Olive oil works well in that – I’ll post the recipe next time I make it. I usually make it up as I go along!

  7. This post is very helpful to me since I am lazy! I usually buy pastry dough in the supermarket, and the thought of having to buy butter ( I barely use it), makes me even lazier. The use of olive oil instead of butter is a excellent idea! Thanks!

  8. I am going to have to take advantage of the fact that New Zealand money is down the toilet at the moment and that I could almost swim to N.Z. from Tassie (and I can’t swim…) to one day go there. The son-and-heir took his Texan girlfriend to visit and they came back full of love and adoration. It takes a lot to make an accountant gush ;). I love looking at images because it is just SO beautiful. A bit like Tassie…beautiful and broke and for sale to the highest bidder :(. Looks like China won 😦

    1. Didn’t realise that things we not so good in NZ right now financially (my cousin Diane T tells you to go and visit in her comment!) but yes, it’s very beautiful indeed…was there 8 years ago now on my 40th birthday Round the World Trip (now you know how very middle aged I am…mind you, I think I’m still young by your wonderful age calculator!).

      1. Not till August…I plan on wearing black ALL DAY! 😉 Seriously though, it really is “just another day” to this little black duck ;).

  9. Oh…and Cheers for the olive oil pastry :). I am a pastry numpty. I toiled for 2 years (with the son-and-heir) after I left my ex with nothing under my belt except 15 years of housewifely duties to learn the crafts of the kitchen. 2 years later I had certificates 2 and 3 in Commercial cookery under my belt. I can make a mean gremolata but I can’t make spongecakes, scones OR pastry…I am SO going to try this! From one pastry numpty to another, lets hope this isn’t like my aunty Chris’s “Never Fail Sponge” that I managed to fail spectaularly in producing what was apparently guaranteed success. Mine was flat, tasted like a popular branded breakfast cereal and my children have teased me about it ever since. I might NEVER live it down :(. This pastry might just be my saving grace girl!!!

    1. Had to laugh – it sounds like my family, When we mess up a recipe, we do so spectacularly. So you had crunchy purple mashed potato and breakfast cereal sponge! You’ll have to give this pastry a go – it’s even vegan!

      1. I am glad someone is…the last batch of olive oil pastry I made was less than satisfactory. It ended up very short and crumbly and you couldn’t pick up the tart that I made with it because the base just fell away in shards…I have been there before… lol! 😉

  10. This sounds like a pastry dough that even I could make, Tanya. I’ll be sure to give it a try and will let you know. If all works well, I’ll make it in front of Zia. If that attempt is successful, I know I’ll have found my new pastry dough.
    And I love to start sentences with “And”. Not only does it drive the English majors nuts, symbolically it’s the final act of defiance to the nuns of my youth.

    1. Ah, those nuns. Mind you, my English teacher was one of the few “non nuns” and she would have been horrified at my grammar. I content myself with the knowledge that I do know how to “write proper” really 🙂 Do give this pastry a go John, it’s a good one as it comes together so quickly and doesn’t really need to be rested if you don’t have time. Love to Zia!

  11. Funnily enough I was thinking of making an Italian torta verde with wild greens and I always use an olive oil pastry for this. Strangely hadn’t considered it for other uses – thanks for great idea. I reckon my 5 year old daughter would love your marmite and cheese nibbles with the leftovers too.

  12. ¡Qué receta tan rica Chica! Me parece una idea estupenda sustituir la mantequilla por aceite de olive, mucho más sano, no? La probaré un día de estos.
    Un abrazo,

  13. In my old age, I’m collecting quick simple recipes. Your pastry sounds a perfect fit, and better than my ready-rolled supermarket brand. 🙂
    I glimpsed your picture before I read your comments, and thought “That looks like NZ” and it was. Seems I know my country better than I thought.
    Narf77 – I don’t recognise the NZ you’re describing. About time you visited.

  14. Laughing holding onto my tummy! Any of you reading my ‘ramblings’ must have noticed how often I begin my sentences with ‘and’!!! Nope, got quite decent marks in high school English and can actually form a more-or-less correct sentence, but!!! Chgo John may have something there – I did not go to a Catholic school but with maturity there has come a fair amount of ‘doing it my way’ defiance!! AND the total meaning of a blog para flows so much more easily! Oh: pastry? Don’t usually bake – but I most certainly am going to try this ‘unsinful’ recipe and fill it just the ways you have suggested ! So there 🙂 !

    1. I love the way you write – I think a lot of us write as though we were chatting to friends (which effectively we are) so let’s throw the grammar rule book out of the window. And have fun 😉

      1. Well, if even a few people feel that way, I have ‘achieved’ what I would like, and that IS ‘to chat’ 🙂 !

    1. Don’t feel guilty – I bet you have wonderful ready made pastry where you are and lovely butter too to make “normal” pastry. Let me know how it goes though if you do give it a try.

  15. What a fantastic pastry recipe! Your baked goods look delicious… I can’t believe I’ve never tried olive oil in pastry before 🙂 This is my first visit to your blog and I love it already! You write beautifully… and that photo of NZ is gorgeous (I’m Aussie and have been to the islands a couple of times. The most beautiful country in the world, methinks… sorry fellow Aussies!)

    1. Welcome to the blog and thanks so much for visiting and commenting! NZ is very beautiful indeed, but although I’ve only seen a few places in Oz, I think that’s a wonderful place too 🙂

  16. I’ve seen this type of pastry recipe, but always hesitated to try it – probably due to a Really Bad Crust I made with veg oil back when I was a young bride! If you say it’s easy – and tasty! – I should give it another go!
    Oh, my Mom (whose piecrust is amazing!) would back the pastry scraps with cinnamon and sugar….Mmmmm 😀

  17. I love the last photo.. but I think I love those little marmite bites morish:) I tasted marmite many, many years ago (did I say many??) and wasn’t too keen, but I’d try it again in one of your olive oil pastry bites.. oh, yes, I definitely would and I bet my palate has matured since then!! xx Smidge

    1. They say Marmite is either loved or hated! I personally love it but if you’re willing to give it another go (or try vegemite, similar but subtly different) you may find you fall into the “love” camp!

  18. I’ve made olive oil pastry before and loved it. Great for vegetable tarts and as you say, it is vegan, too, if that matters at the time. The only thing is that mine didn’t roll out very thin without cracking, so I may give your version a try. How lovely is the waterfall in your New Zealand shot. A place I’d like to see some day. 🙂

    1. I think I loved this pastry because it was so silky and easy to work with and yes, vegan too if that is important for some people. I will have to post some more shots from my trip, it’s been a while since I looked at them 🙂

  19. Oh what a good idea to use oil. I love making pastry so will be doing this one too … and will think about your NZ pic as I do it too. Where was it taken? Looks so familiar …

  20. While I agree that the NZ scenery is beautiful, I tend to think there’s no view more spectacular than handmade food, especially such gorgeous food as yours!

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