Caramelised Red Onion Tart with Jamón and Stilton

WordPress tells me that the top search on my blog, pretty much constantly, is for Olive Oil Pastry. Those of you who regularly follow my blog will know that until recently I was a self-confessed pastry cheat, using ready made pastry most of the time. In the summer though, I experimented with the pastry made using olive oil instead of butter and in the autumn, with delicious English butter available, I tried out the deliciously naughty Rough Puff Pastry.

The olive oil pastry is a healthier option for more frequent use and as there are so many searches for this recipe, I thought I should make an effort to show some of the ways I use it in the kitchen. This is a delicious tart which serves 4 as a main course or 6 as a starter.



  • 1 batch of olive oil pastry
  • 6 red onions
  • 2 small sprigs of thyme
  • Olive oil for shallow frying
  • 3 slices of jamón, prosciutto or bacon (omit if you want a vegetarian tart) cut into small pieces
  • About 3 tablespoons of crumbled stilton or some of your favourite cheese

No need for blind baking with this pastry, it goes crispy underneath, even when baked with the filling.

Half and finely slice your onions and fry slowly in about 3 tablespoons of olive until soft and slightly caramelised. This will probably take at least 20 minutes.  Season with a little pepper but you will probably not need salt if you are using the jamón and stilton which are both salty.


Roll out the chilled pastry to fit your tart tin, prick the bottom and fill with the cooked onion mixture. Sprinkle over the jamón and cheese and bake at 200 (regular oven) or 180 degrees (fan assisted) for about 30 minutes or until the pastry is browned.

Leave to cool slightly – this is delicious served at room temperature with a salad.


68 thoughts on “Caramelised Red Onion Tart with Jamón and Stilton

  1. Not sure I would be able to wait until it cools. It looks great. I was curious and I checked. The top search for my blog is the Mark Twain House.

  2. This looks really tasty – I will have to try the olive oil pastry as it is new to me so this seems a good way to do it! Thank you 🙂

    (I love Nigel Slater too – his ‘Eat’ book is referred to as the Nible in our house!)

  3. The title of your post is a metaphor for my life. I often feel “caramelised”. Indeed, I only last night “caramelised” an entire tray of what promised to be an absolute delightful mix of incredibly healthy but satisfyingly tasty granola. I, too, am a red onion. I am interesting, I can be sweet when prepared properly with enough care and attention but if you just cut into me I will make you cry and you can be SURE of that! 😉 As a “woman of a certain age” who loves to live life to the fullest I am sure that there are rouged lips and raised eyebrows in my local community who might link my person with certain dishes of ill repute made from pastry bases containing unctuous ingredients. It goes with the territory…those who live life to the fullest always garner the scorn of those who are too terrified to do the same. I feel proud of my pastry base. I could care less about what people think of me ;). Like stilton I am aged well, I have a decidedly interesting aroma about me…some might say parts of my personality “stink” but you know what? Without that stink I am not me and I have my admirers who love me for my complete ambiance and wouldn’t have me any other way. I also go extremely well with port…LOTS of port…and lastly, I love my life. I also love Mr Bob Marley and his accompanying wailers…I be “Jamon” every single day Mon! And yeah… I was one of those people searching for olive oil pastry. You can tick one of your mysteries off now 😉

    1. What an absolutely brilliant metaphor (is that right?!) you have created between caramelised onions and “us”” women of a certain age and type! Love it 🙂 And am so glad you are proud of your pastry base….ageing well like stilton (or indeed a good wine) can only be a good thing! And I will join in your Bob Marley accompaniement (spelling???) as long as I can wear dreadlocks!

      1. bollocks to spelling! We be “Jamon” and I have been accused of “Hamming it up” on any occasion that I find myself the centre of attention (and many where I am not! 😉 ). I insist on dreadies…in fact…you can give me actual dreadies if you like. Nothing like a woman of a certain age with a Wurzel Gummidge nose and dreadlocks to make those bespectacled nana’s chins wag to the max! “Bring on that stilton I say!” 😉

    1. I just tried to pin this to my “to try” board with your button above, and instead of pinning, it just takes me to the Pinterest main page. Don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s not actually a sharing button.

  4. This is a beautiful tart! I must take a look at the pastry recipe itself (so thank you for including that in your post). A slice (or several) of your tart and a nice glass of wine sound like the makings of a wonderful meal with friends!

  5. I often wonder about the ‘most searched for’ post on my blog. Mine is ‘how to sew an Easter chicken’… maybe I should diversify into patterns for farm animals around the home!!! Good job you reminded us about yours, as I missed the Olive Oil Pastry the first time round and am now on a mission to make some.

  6. Perfect timing Chica as my red onions are fairly bursting and need pulling up ‘n using! Top that off with one of my confessed onion haters trying slow cooked sweet onion and (GASP) liking it. Perfect timing. I will be trying this and possibly with the olive oil pasty, which is intriguing too.

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