The Little Grey Cells….

Fans of the fictional Agatha Christie Detective, Hercule Poirot will know what I am talking about. Those little grey cells in the brain which sort the information and keep things in order.

Clearly mine were on a go slow yesterday. I published a recipe for ravioli and today I was glossing paintwork and thinking about food, as you do. Thinking that it would be good to make more ravioli as they had been so good. Oh, I remembered, the taste of that fresh crab was amazing. Crab?! Yikes, I forgot to mention the key ingredient in my post. Which just goes to show that too many paint fumes combined with too much wine when cooking can indeed affect those little grey cells.


So to calm things down, I’m taking myself off to a peaceful place – a beach in the Cook Islands I visited at this time of year 9 years ago on my Round the World trip. Enjoy the view and apologies for the temporary brain malfunction!


66 thoughts on “The Little Grey Cells….

  1. I’m certain we’ve all done that a time or two (I know I have) and without your excuse of the paint fumes. It was a beautiful recipe and mouth-watering photos none the less. I hope your time away is extra relaxing!

      1. YUM! I look forward to “Chiccas crab free, cheese free” variation with bated breath ;). Found a great vegan recipe for beetroot gnocchi on one of my weird and wonderful (need to use translation) Italian sites. Those Italians sure know how to shuffle a vegan treat in a most elegant way!

      2. But have just realised that I’d need to make egg free pasta too – but that’s just like regular pasta anyway isn’t it? This could be exciting!

      3. I have lost of egg free pasta recipes. I figure that the Italians only added eggs because it is harder to work with without them and we all know how “meh” Italians can be when it comes to work…almost as bad as the Spanish… “manana” 😉

      4. Oh dear – with an Italian “Papá” and a Spanish other half, it’s a wonder I ever get anything done! Looking forward to seeing your egg free pasta recipes so that I can experiment….

      5. Send me one. I will be the “Antipodean chapter” of the squad…cheering from the side of course (with a big wodge of cake in one hand and a thermos in the other 😉 )

  2. And that island is the stuff that heady half dead grey matter dreams are made of :). With you in a bikini (my spirit has chutzpah! 😉 ) in spirit 🙂

      1. If I wore a bikini back then you would have been unceremoniously drummed off the island by Greenpeace for not “rescuing” me when I beached myself after a swim 😉

      2. I was a smaller whale then than I am now, but still whale like – at least people would have wanted to hang on to me in case of nasty capsizing incidents as I am very buoyant 😉

      3. I, alas, am not :(. I tend to sink like a heavy boned stone (with no boobs to act as a flotation device) so I would be forcibly shoved from the shore no matter how much protesting I did “go forth whale and never darken our beautiful sand again!” 😉

  3. A peaceful image to be sure. Beautiful. I worry about brain deterioration on occasion. Maybe most days. Wine while cooking sounds good to me

  4. Oh what a Sunday fun send ~ crab and bikinis and beached whales and wine [for me on Australia Day!] ~ look where making ravioli amongst friends can take you 🙂 !!

  5. Oh thank goodness it’s more than just me who does things like this, although crab (being my favourite) is not likely one I would forget, I don’t think. Oh no, now the pressure on me to remember crab in a recipe when I use it. Hee hee.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. Funnily enough I saw it a few weeks ago on TV and was all excited to see The Colonnade! Hopefully I will get old disgracefully here and will join you in racing my motorised wheelchair up and down Galley Hill 😉 Mind you, I think they pull you over for speeding in them here!

      1. I’ve seen them racing down London road, corning into Norman road at speed – mind you that was singular, we could take it to another level and race aka Beiber but in wheelchairs/scooters 🙂

  6. No worries! The forgotten crab version seemed already delicious! Round the World trip, what a wonderful thing to do, sure you came back with a lot of recipes ideas!

  7. AAH…one of those scary moments all of us recipe bloggers have, when we realize that someone out there might be trying our recipe without the key ingredient!! Definitely a sign to slow things down a notch:)

  8. Paint fumes! Well .. I must remember to use that excuse next time.. are you still in the UK, I have sent a little parcel to Spain, but thats ok, it will wait for you there.. c

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