Hens and Chicks

No, not hen parties and weddings, but the real thing!

We currently have three broody hens sitting on eggs.  One of them was a hen that we couldn´t find for ages.  I suspected the worst.  The one day we saw her popping out from under the water deposit – she had made herself her own little nest!  I was convinced they weren´t going to hatch as we weren´t sure if they were fertilised eggs, and even how fresh they were.

I went down this morning to check on the ladies and look what I found!

Mother to be in her nest under the water tank

One chick at least is hatching.

What a struggle it must be!

She´s sitting on 4 or 5 eggs, I can´t be sure.

A first glimpse of the world...

She´s a very calm hen and let me look at what was happening. The eggs went straight back under her, don´t worry!

We have more due on Saturday and then another batch later next week.  Will keep you posted!




12 thoughts on “Hens and Chicks

    1. Luckily mama hen is a very gentle little lady. Even though I´ve seen quite a few chicks being born over the last few years, it still makes me really excited. A tiny little miracle in an eggshell!

  1. How very exciting and so cool that you could get pictures! It’s amazing how the chicks fit all squished up in their little shells. Looking forward to an update.
    Have a happy weekend.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Not sure if any more were born yesterday – didn´t look like it, but we have another “mama” due tomorrow. Progress reports to follow. I am feeling like a chicken midwife this weekend, it´s fun!

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