Mediterranean Vegetable Stack

My Humble Homage to the Beautiful Berenjena

I adore aubergines, so when my first two aubergines were ripe for picking, I decided to treat them with the love that they deserved.

My two little purple beauties

It was a very simple dish, especially if you already have some tomato sauce made.  If not, fry up a little garlic, add some chopped tomatoes, a slug of red wine and some basil then season and simmer.

I sliced my aubergines (eggplant) and grilled them on the barbecue until smoky and tender.  Then I put them on an oven tray and layered them with pesto, cheese, tomato sauce and basil leaves.

Then I popped it all into a hot oven for about 10 minutes until the cheese had softened (it was a very hard goat´s cheese, so it didn´t really melt!). 

Finally I drizzled some basil oil over, poured myself a glass of rosé and sat back to pay homage to my first little purple beauties of the summer.


38 thoughts on “Mediterranean Vegetable Stack

  1. Perfect! Nothing like the first aubergines of the summer and knowing there are a lot more to come. And all these flavours are made for each other – aubergine, tomato, basil, olive oil, goats’ cheese.

  2. Oh lovely. I have trouble cooking aubergines, and I don’t know why! I sure am good at eating them, though! Love this idea!

      1. Well, I’ve never done *that* (grin)… but they rarely come out as expected! Here’s the *one* recipe (so far at least!) that works for me: no-fail eggplant Its a bit more “wintery” but its awfully good…

      2. You´re a sfarer cookt na me then! Am off now to check out your recipe as have just picked four more which I need to cook…thanks!

  3. I love eggplants and when I opened this post I was so shocked as I just made a dish so similar to this!! You will see it posted soon; a bit different and I’m now going to try out yours with the sauce! Lucky you to have these in your garden!

  4. Those berenjenas look bien “guapas”!!! When you said hard goat cheese, it reminded me of the great goat cheeses I had when I went to Spain !!! I am thinking Manchego!!!Uhhmmmm muy rico!!!

  5. When you think of Mediterranean food, one of the first things that comes to my mind are tomatoes and aubergines. Simple and oh so flavorful…it’s a dish I love.

  6. Beautiful berenjenas! I took some pictures of some growing today and am making an aubergine curry tonight. This looks like a really simple tasty dish, might have to do the grilling on my trusty griddle pan!!

    1. Sounds good although I´d use olive oil instead of butter – there´s a huge food community here, have fun with your blogging. Will go and check out your blog in a moment!

    1. Glad you liked it Olga! No, I am a devoted meat and fish eater. We grow most of our own veg and I enjoy doing things with it as when we eat out here (bizarrely as the veg is so good) the restaurants only ever offer very dull salads and chips….I wanted to introduce my Big Man to new things other than over cooked beans and boring salads. it seems to be working!

  7. Thank you for this recipe, and hope for more, I am just starting to use the lovely little creatures, so far I wonder how come I had not eaten them until recently? ….RaeDi

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