Feeling Fishy…

Regardless of where we are, Up the Mountain or Down by the Sea, we have access to fantastic seafood. Like many other folk we want to take a few weeks of eating menus that are a little lighter, and going down the fish and vegetable route works for us. We already enjoy pulses, so many meals are meat free, like our much loved lentils (minus the chorizo, or maybe just a little as we’re not being super strict, just making an effort!).


New Year’s Eve was a very luxurious lobster and prawn platter with bubbles. Grapes and cava, Spanish style at 11pm to ring in the Spanish midnight and champagne and fireworks from London’s South Bank at midnight.


Skate with prawns, capers and lemons featured another night (we just combined two favourite ways of cooking it…skate with capers and skate with prawns). Absolutely delicious and so quick and easy.


Tonight was a version of a Spanish dish of prawns with mushrooms with plenty of garlic. Gambas y setas con ajos (setas are oyster mushrooms, but I used chestnut mushrooms this time). Chop your favourite mushrooms into bite sized pieces and stir fry quickly in some olive oil (I cooked in my wok) when they are just turning brown add some peeled, sliced garlic and a little chopped fresh parsley.  When the garlic starts to take on some colour, add some raw, peeled prawns. As soon as they have turned pink, season with coarse sea salt and a little pimentón and add a splash of white wine. Another 30 seconds in the hot pan and you are ready to dish up. Sprinkle with more parsley and serve with some lovely crusty bread to mop up the delicious juices.


Whatever your plans for this month are, be happy! Don’t be hard on yourself if you break those resolutions made in a moment of madness, better still…throw them out the window and celebrate the fact that we’ve made it into another year…and let’s see what it brings. Happy New Year to you all.


37 thoughts on “Feeling Fishy…

  1. I’m still groaning with food after a night at the superb Chinese buffet here in Tavira. 🙂 Sizzling vegetables sound healthy enough, don’t they? Maybe not the quantity of wine that washed them down! Wishing you a terrific new year, Tanya 🙂

  2. Can understand you having great seafood where you live in England but would not have presumed it so ‘up the mountain’! Lovely fishy feast which is beginning to cost an arm and a leg here; And *smile* shall make your gambas y setas for supper tonight tho’ with rather ordinary mushrooms at home and, fusion-like, wrapped in my favourite pita . . .

    1. We’re lucky Up the Mountain as we’re only 45km from the nearest beaches and fish markets. Several times a week fish man delivers in his little van to our doorsteps or we can visit the fish shops in 2 local villages…spoiled for choice!!

  3. Garlic, parsley, pimenton and white wine make all dishes delicious. Glad to see you made an Andalusian New Years’ Eve dinner. Besides that, at home I cook lentils with no chorizo. In order to not to miss the flavour I add the best pimenton de la vera. 🙂

  4. Tanya, what glorious meals! Magnificent way to bring in the New Year and to celebrate a month or so of easier and lighter eating. We completely overindulged this festive season and I am truly paying for it now but like you say, let’s be grateful and happy to make it to another year. Much love to you for a beautiful and happy 2017.
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

  5. You sure do know how to ring in the New Year, Tanya! There’s something about a seafood feast that screams PARTY! That prawn dish is one that I would love. All that’s missing is a bed of pasta … you know … so that the prawns can rest. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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