Breakfast On The Beach

Better than a Breakast Bap!

Big Man and I decided that we would have a little day away from mountain and head down to the beach.  We would go for lunch in a local restaurant we know near the spot we like, but decided to have breakfast on the beach.

For once, we were organised, and made this plan the night before, so I decided to prepare something ready for the morning.

I defrosted a sheet of puff pastry and folded the edges over to create a little rim.  I baked this in a hot oven for about 10 minutes until it was just starting to turn brown.

For a filling I beat two of our free range eggs with two tablespoon of milk, seasoning and a cup full of chopped wilted chard (just the green part) with the excess water squeezed out.

I poured this into the pastry “case” and baked for another 10 minutes or so until it was set.  It looked lovely when it came out of the oven, but I didn´t take the snap until the next morning when it looked a little less crusty and flaky.  Nonetheless, it was delicious cold and we didn´t even get any sand in it!

PS. Bet you´re glad I spared you a photo of us eating it on the beach…


34 thoughts on “Breakfast On The Beach

  1. Lovely! I can’t imagine going to the beach (too hot to consider it and our lakes are almost dry from the drought), but I can imagine eating this!! Sort of quiche-y I’m thinking? Mmmmm!!!

  2. A delicious idea for a breakfast on the beach and for using up the chard mountain we can’t keep up with….I’d have liked to see the beach too, even if you’re too shy to photograph yourselves eating there!

  3. I love early morning trips to the beach!! Like you, I don’t get there that often and when I do, I always wish I had the foresight to plan ahead and bring along a breakfast! This is a great idea as it’s a portable meal in one, good warm or room temperature!

  4. Hi Chica. My kind of breakfast. Looks delicious. Have a great weekend.
    Florence x

  5. From the mountains to the beach…what a lovely day you must have had. Bravo for planning ahead for your lovely breakfast.

  6. You didn’t do the beach at the weekend did you? Fighting for space with all the families and their tables, umbrellas, chairs, coolboxes and paella dishes. So funny to watch though! I love the breeze down there, I haven’t actually been this year. Breakfast sounds like a great idea, before the crowds and the sun isn’t as strong. Maybe I should think about a picnic, acelgas quiche sounds perfect!!

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