Cherry and Watermelon Granizada

So pretty, so good....

A granizada in Spain is rather like a granita in Italy, or a water ice elsewhere.  This drink was probably more the texture of a slushy sorbet, so didn´t know what to call it!

We had friends from the UK to stay for a week, and whilst eating and drinking we tried to balance out some of the inevitable excesses with plenty of fruit and salad.

To make this drink I whizzed up (with my stick blender in a jug) about 6 large ices cubes made from the slightly cooked pitted cherries I had prepared a couple of weeks ago for Cherry Jam with a large chunk of sweet watermelon (about a quarter of a small one) and a few leaves of mint.

Guess what colour my favourite summer tablecloth is?!

So easy, so fresh, and next time I´ll add a little cava as inspired by spicegirlfla and her Chilled Mixed Berry and Prosecco Soup.  Cheers!!


41 thoughts on “Cherry and Watermelon Granizada

  1. Hi Chica. This drink looks so refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards Florence x

  2. Mmmm… I’d love one of these right now! Nothing is more perfect than having a refreshing fruit drink in these hot summer days! The color is gorgeous, so rich. I love that you pared cherries with watermelon, I’d never have thought of that! Thanks for the mention!

  3. Oh yes, please, may I have a tub of this? It looks wonderful… and we all need to stay hydrated, now don’t we? (grin) Mmmm!!

  4. The color of the drink is just incredible. Your friends must have hated to leave…you make such wonderful sounding things.

    1. It was a stunning colour and we tried for ages to come up with a better sounding name for the drink to match the colour! I think they were a little sad to go 😦

  5. Ooh this is simply gorgeous! Summer in a glass. Must try making a granita-type drink with some local fruit

  6. Cherry, cherries, cannot get enough of the cherries, wait until you see my blog posts, am going to start posting as soon as I have caught up with all the reading….RaeDi

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