Up My Road

Sometimes it´s good to look at the world through another person´s eyes.  Last week my (almost) 16 year old god-daughter Maddy and her mum came to stay.

Apart from sunning ourselves, eating, drinking and chatting, we took time out most evenings to take my two dogs Luna and Alfi for a walk.  No need to get in a car to drive somewhere, just a step outside the front door and the footpath awaits. For any keen walkers out there, the famous GR7 footpath which starts in Tarifa (the southernmost tip of Spain) and finishes in Bulgaria, goes right past our house.  We just tackle a little piece of it, but the views, even just walking a couple of kilometres are spectacular.

I thought you might like to share some of them with me, through Maddy´s eyes.  Enjoy!

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35 thoughts on “Up My Road

  1. The scenery is beautiful, so glad we got to see it. Do you regularly see any interesting animals or birds?

    1. We get quite a lot of birds of prey (I´m not very good at remembering which) and last week we saw a family of wild mountain goats (are think they´re called Ibis here in Spain) way up on high in the distance. In the colder months you can sometimes run across a wild boar who is generally more frightened of us than we are of him, plus the usual goats, sheep, butterflies, swallows….it´s gorgeous but I rarely take my camera. Must get into the habit of doing this!

  2. What a wonderful walk and beautiful photos of the scenery, evening light and shadows. Olive trees are always so beautiful, especially old ones like these.

  3. we also have two little white ones – the puppy has a tail, but Patch was docked! So nice to be able to walk with them from home 🙂

  4. I didn’t know that there were GRs in Spain. I’ve walked parts of some in France. There they are marked withpaint (a bar of white over a bar of red) on rocks, trees, and sometimes even houses. I told my French friends that I was going to dress up for Halloween as a GR – and I did, back here in TX, wore a white tee-shirt over a pair of red shorts. No one got it… but I giggled to myself all night.

    You are lucky… living the dream indeed! Beautiful photos! Do you ever see those giant storks? I saw them flying, carrying sticks almost the size of my arm to make their nests. Amazing!

    1. I´d have got the fancy dress!! We have one of those red and white signs as the entry to our track. And yes, I have seen the storks, saw loads of them once driving up through Spain on our way to the UK and loads of nests. it´s amazing indeed 🙂

      1. They thought I was dressed as a swimming pool guard… what can I say!? 🙂

        If you ever catch those storks on camera, send us a pic, please? Love your photos…

  5. What a fun slideshow of beautiful photos! I love the dog pics playfully going along on your walk! I have two dogs, brother and sister, and their funny interactions with each other always has me laughing!

    1. Ours were both stray puppies but we got them within 6 months of each other so they are like brother and sister…and they have us in stitches too! You can´t be down for long with pups around 🙂

  6. Was that a dried artichoke I saw in one of the photos? Love the slide show…thank you for letting us see your world.

    1. They´re not edible artichokes, but come from the same family. There is a time when they are a gorgeous bright purple before they dry. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

    1. The dogs are still quite puppy-ish (despite being over a year old) and are so entertaining. We love walking them, but we have to wait until it´s cool to do it!

  7. Your dogs are cute! I’m loving the slideshow too, how on earth? When I am walking with Rufus I always wish I had one of those books I had when I was little. Where you tick off all the birds, flowers and insects you’ve seen and you learn about them and what they’re called. I have no idea, mostly! That walk looks amazing, and my sundried tomatoes are fab, thank you!!

    1. Aaah – thanks! Your Rufus is pretty cute too. As for the slideshow, JamieAnne at A Dash of Domestic has a fantastic post which explains all. Hope you can figure it out, but if not let me know and I´ll try to explain as well as she does! Glad the sun dried tomatoes worked out – I´ve just come home from dinner at a local restaurant and left some tomatoes slowly roasting from your recipe while we were out. They smell and look wonderful and I have an exciting idea for tomorrrow!

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