Setas Asadas – Fire Roasted Oyster Mushrooms with Poached Eggs

I have mentioned previously that we have some mushrooms growing, intentionally I might add, in our garage.  It was a slow start, but we are now getting regular supplies of oyster mushrooms to enjoy.

After a week away, they had gone a little crazy, and some of the ordinary mushrooms which we are also growing had turned into monsters which I´ll chop up and use in sauces or soups.

Back from London with not much in the fridge, we had to “make do and mend”, as my grandmother used to say.  The fire was blazing merrily, so we put some of the larger mushrooms onto our parilla (which is a grill which you can sandwich things between) and cooked them over the embers of the fire. You could do this over a barbecue or even under the grill (for grilling I´d recommend you brush them lightly with oil first).

Once they were done we seasoned them with Maldon sea salt, freshly ground pepper then drizzled some olive oil over and added a little squeeze of lemon juice. With a softly poached egg and a plate of jamon we enjoyed a simple supper but felt that we had dined like Kings!

PS. Our dogs Luna and Alfi stayed with our lovely neighbours while we were away. Our dogs love being there and they get loads of walks.  It seems this week they discovered the joys of goat manure and spent lots of time playing in it, which was much less fun for our neighbours who had to deal with two very stinky dogs.  Alfi is now in need of a major haircut and they were both happily exhausted yesterday when we got them home.  I took this snap of them “recovering” from their week of fun whilst trying not to laugh too much at Alfi´s lack of energy to get either into or out of the bed.


68 thoughts on “Setas Asadas – Fire Roasted Oyster Mushrooms with Poached Eggs

  1. That does look like a feast! What a treat to come home to, although I’d just have the jamon and olive oil and perhaps a little garlic, as I’m not too keen on poached eggs. Your dogs sound and look as though they’ve had a great time playing in the goat manure!

    1. It was a feast, and would probably have been enough without the eggs. However we came home to a mountain of eggs our busy chicks had laid last week so we are working our way through those we haven´t given away yet! The dogs had a wonderful week getting grubby 😉

  2. You are so lucky to have a garage full of mushrooms! I tried last year to plant a log infused with oyster mushroom spores but unfortunately nothing appeared – I think it dried out. You have inspired me to give it another go!

    1. Anywhere dark is good – cupboard under the stairs, shed? Those were two very happy dogs, but we had to give Alfi a haircut today. He looks like a lamb now!

  3. I envy you your mushrooms, Madam. Mom & Dad once had a home with a room in its cellar that had a dirt floor. They used it to grow mushrooms. And what is it with the dogs this year? Your guys “found” manure; my Max “met” a skunk last weekend in my yard. Kids, eh?

    1. I had to take a few shots as I was shaking with laughter at the time! Oh yes, Make Do and Mend – recycling really, it just wasn´t called that. No waste, throw nothing away, and use everything in the store cupboard 😉 There´s even a book called this on Amazon (I bought it!) which is full of household tips from WWII and another one with recipes. Great fun to read!

  4. I thought your mushrooms looked like beautiful blossoms!! Gorgeous and lush! But your dogs stole my heart today.. all goaty and exhausted in blissful resting state.. sweet little pups:)

  5. brilliant Tanya, I love how you make do! and so very good to have you back!! and clearly, those sweet pups are as happy as heaven too.

  6. Hi Tanya. The dish looks delicious. The mushrooms growing in the garage look fabulous. Might have to pick your brains about these next time I see you. I thought it would be difficult to grow them.
    Regards Florence x

  7. What adorable and adorably exhausted pups! I, too, am quite envious of your mushrooms…and your egg poaching ability for that matter. Doesn’t look like a make do and mend meal to me!

  8. What a lovely dinner fit for a king that is for sure. Your eggs look perfect! Love your mushrooms… hope I can talk T into doing that! The dogs… how precious!

  9. Ooooooh, I had no idea you guys were into mycology, Chica – I’d love to get into it if I had more space. I’ve been reading all about cultivating button mushrooms and taking spore prints and so forth. Unfortunately I’ll need to wait until we buy a house one day before I can put that into practice – it must be so fun though. The mushrooms look delicious – both raw and cooked, and I love the sound of this recipe… fire-roasted… yummy!

    1. Well, I wouldn´t say we were exactly experts although we (well, Big Man) sometimes go mushroom hunting. These are kits which are sold here every autumn at about 13 euros, so we usually buy a few as mushrooms are not that easy to get hold of in the local shops here. Which is bizarre!

  10. I love mushrooms. Yum. Yum. Yum. Pity the rest of my family are not so inclined but as I do the cooking they have to pick em out if they wanna avoid them. So there. They love eggs though ….

  11. I’m so amazed at the growing of mushrooms in your garage! Since I could never eat mushrooms before, I really have never learned much about them. I love how you took simple ingredients and dined like royalty! You made me want to sit right down and enjoy it with you!!
    That’s so funny with your Alfi – do they sleep together in that bed?

    1. It´s so great that you can eat and enjoy mushrooms now! And yes, that´s the dog´s “Day bed” where they snuggle up together and at night they have a super luxury weather proof kennel under the outside stairs where they also cuddle up together. Sometimes when they´re worn out, they take themselves off to bed without even being told…very sweet 🙂

  12. Wow, it is so nice to know that you grow your own oyster mushroom! I love them especially when I make the Dutch beef stew. 😉

  13. Luna and Patch could be sisters – I must post a pic of her. I am amazed at your mushrooms. I will try growing them again, when we finally move into our house 🙂

  14. Alfi is soooooo adorable. Es un peluche!! 🙂

    I went “whoa” when I saw the first picture of your homegrown oyster mushrooms – they look so cool, squeezing out of the cut-out holes like that. I actually just discovered oyster mushrooms a few months ago, when I saw them at the frutería here. It was love at first bite. I usually just chop them up and cook them with chopped up avichuelas verdes, garlic, and bits of ham. I’ve never thought of eating them roasted with poached eggs. I guess they’re one of those amazing foods you can eat with just about anything. I’ll have to give them a try with other recipes. 🙂

  15. Great mushrooms, I’ll also try to plant some, we have plants growing in the back of our house but I never thought about it…..and it’s so good with the perfect poached egg, great pictures!

  16. Homegrown mushrooms are the best. I can’t wait until we move this summer, are resettle and I can begin experimenting. Though I’m generally not a fan of oysters, I’m on an egg kick, so perhaps your method can change my mind. 🙂

    1. Oh that will be nice to be somewhere new! I used to think oyster mushrooms were a bit bland but the homegrown ones have quite a different flavour – almost like a steak…

  17. HAHAHAHA! Oh that photo of the dogs steals the show Ms Chica ;). Your mushrooms are awesome. Look at the size of those big boys! (I think I just channeled Jamie Oliver! 😉 ) This blog is amazing, informative, instructive and just plain awesome Ms Chica. You guys rock 🙂

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